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Innocent Angel Nwawuike is a seasoned and dynamic minister of God. He is the Founder and President of the BRINMI Ministries, BRINMI Radio/TV and Yasha University of Life (YUL) headquartered in Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria. Evangelist Innocent is multifariously gifted and functions in the Preaching, Teaching, Deliverance, Prophetic and Miraculous dimensions of the Anointing. He is also a life Coach, Author and Entrepreneur.

He holds a B.SC in Psychology from Imo State University, Owerri. He has inspired and transformed many lives through his model of unique and result oriented education and learning across a broad spectrum of life. He has authored some best-selling books like, 'Receive Your Healing, Attracting The Right Partner, Zacchaeus, among others. He is married to Emmanuella Nwawuike and blessed with five beautiful children. .


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The Yasha University of Life (YUL), an arm of BRINMI Ministries, is an E-Learning Bible institution that educates students to become successful and prosperous in all areas of life. Yasha University of Life recognises the fact that man is a tripartite being comprising of Spirit and Soul and Body so brings this reality to bear in the consciousness of students at the university to facilitate the realisation of their destinies. Hence at YUL, we seek to provide knowledge in most areas of life that are not readily available in the curriculum of the regular educational system. Yasha University of Life was founded on 24thJune, 2020.

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